About us

"UzvarKo" is a Ukrainian producer of the natural, organic dried fruits, which started its operations in 2015. 

Our company originates from Podillya, a region of Ukraine, which is known since ancient times for a beautiful nature, fertile land and mild climate.

Such favorable climatic conditions are best suited for the farming of natural, tasty and healthy fruits, berries and vegetables.

The modern drying technology used by "UzvarKo" helps preserve the most useful in our products for a long time for your best experience. In addition to high-quality raw materials base, "UzvarKo" has more than 20 years of personal experience in engineering design and manufacture of drying equipment, which is well proven both in Ukraine and abroad.

We are a team of experts who are constantly working on the company development. Based on our own experience, we always move forward and constantly search new and innovative ideas for implementing new solutions in the field of drying fruits and vegetables in Ukraine.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs in delicious and nutritious foods that are always at hand: at home, at work, on the way to the gym, in kindergarten, school, or simply during your trip.

Most of our product range are ready for use in just a few seconds: simply open a handy pack and taste our dried products!

Furthermore, raspberry, peach, strawberry,and cherry are delicious and healthy ingredients for breakfasts, which provide unsurpassed taste to your tea and other drinks.

Every new season "UzvarKo" expands its products range. So follow our new offers here on this website, or like and follow our page on Facebook to read our news first.  

Only Ukrainian raw materials, innovative technologies, strict quality control that meets international standards, allows providing you with the best products. Only those products that we personally tasted and tested are available for sale to meet your most demanding needs.

Try once Ukrainian natural dried fruits by "UzvarKo" and you will want to come back to us again and again! :)